A new year, new beginnings :-)

Oh my, a full year has passed by and now I have been retired for a year and two months, ha ha. Beautiful grand daughter Andrea is now a year and in her way to daycare, my daughter is going back to work after maternity leave, my mom is 92 and still very active and three of us live in different cities: Bogotá, Sydney, and Toronto. I travel from place to place to visit all and spend some time in Caracas as well. It sounds great, and it is, but I cannot hold an academic activity anywhere so far, but I hope I will. That is why I am back at participating in Evo sessions once more. I have already registered for the mother-session Becoming a Webhead and Digital storytelling to get updated. I am curious to see what the facilitators of "creating vocabulary activities" will have participants do. I am sure all sessions will be as successful as ever. Let the learning begin next Monday :-)

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