EVO multiliteracies

I am already three weeks behind in reading and activities, oopphhssss !!! But could not stop embedding this powerful video in the starting page of the Multiliteracies group. It summarizes in a visual way what students are going through today as educators want to keep things the way they were in our time and past, and the need to learn how to deal with and use technology to help our students in their future. So far I set up my Ning page and hopefully will participate in a meeting with Mark Pegrum, the author of the book From Blogs to Bombs this Sunday.

Just checked the tagging page for evomlit (spezify) and, wow, it looks quite nice. It seems like a combination of Pageflakes and a kind of tag reader :-)

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And years later, EVO gets us together and I stop by your blog. How amazing that is! :D
Loved the video and posted it everywhere.
Valeria G
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