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This was one of my first blogs ever. I started it when I joined Becoming a Webhead and Collaborative Blogging in EVo 2006. I had participated in BaW in 2005 but just opened up a blog for trying it out and never went back to it, and another for administrative matters at work. Since then I have used class blogs every term for my EFL reading courses, have published an article with a coworker about the effectiveness of blogging to improve reading practice and have used wikis for EFL writing instruction and practice. This led to my latest research which I presented in my promotion thesis to full professor at Simon Bolivar University in Caracas.

Despite my crossover to Motime and Wordpress, I find Blogger has improved the most, it is still free and it is very easy to handle both for my students and myself :-)

I owe tons to the EVO organization and the caring and expert Webheads group. Not only have I been able to learn what teaching for the future of digital natives mean, but I have been able to do innovative work in my classroom which has been recognized in my workplace with three different awards (two university professor's awards in 2005 and 2008; and one professor's association teaching award in 2009).

I feel closer to my students, their way of life and definitely closer to my own son and daughter, and probably my future grand daughter. Last but not least, I have made great connections with mindlike friends all over the world and have worked collaborativey with some of them.

I am looking forward to the next EVO sessions in January 2010 ;-) I am excited to learn what has been going on in the past year and what I have missed and could be valuable in my students' future and mine too.


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