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I have been using pop and rock songs for more than 25 years successfully in my EFL classroom and this year I am participating in the music EVO session and just found sonific.com. It lets you select songs and generate html code to embed their widget in your blog. I could not find my favorite artists, though. Anyway, here is the one I just created. I hope you find it helpful too.

Latest news: Sonific is going off line in may 2008. A better source for embeddable songs is Radioclub. I have a post about it here.

Thanks for your tip about sonific!
So that's where you've been hanging out! Haven't seen you much in BaW, and I have been lying low too, just reading the digests and doing minimal exploring. Work always seems to overtake me in week three or four.

Sonific seems like a great tool. I'll bookmark it. I like the song you chose.


Aaron Campbell recommended a site called Seeqpod which lets you search for your favorite mp3 files or music videos and put them on your blog. He tells how he used this in his own classroom.
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