I Didn't Know You Could Do That with Free Web Tools

I found this Wiki by Alan Levine, where he gives ideas on adding notes inside flickr photos (thus creating a potential pictionary), drawing with Gliffy and using Slideshare.

This picture was taken by Teacher Dude in Greece, and he made it into a sort of pictionary here using flickr.

Hi again Berta,
Your blog is a Pandora box full of of useful tips and tool. As soon as I read this post I started experimenting with Flikr. Would you mind if I add a link to your blog and to this post in particular?


Carla R.
Thanks for your answer in my blog, Berta. I am a member of both groups, BaW and B4B.

BTW, I have just checked with my dictionary and found that "Pandora's box" only has a negative connotation. I thought it also meant "full of surprises". I'm really sorry about this mistake. It seems I had misunderstood the concept.

Regards, CarlaR.
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