Finally some snow in Toronto

Saturday I attended a Colloquium at Victoria College and decided to take some pictures around. I come out so seldom that had not realized snow had gradually accumulated, especially in the past two days.

The place I live in has a subway station downstairs and OISE, at University of Toronto, has a subway station entrance at the basement too, how convenient is that for a person from the tropics, eh?!?

Thank you, Berta, for sharing your pictures! Our snow is rapidly melting with temperatures well above zero in the sun. At least I can look at the snow covered mountains in the distance from my living room!
warm(!) greetings
BBrrrr! Bertha, that is really cold for a Venezuelan. Beautiful pictures.Thank you for your comment on my blog.
See you
Hi Berta,

Thanks for sharing these images of Toronto with us. I bet it's too cold for a Venezuelan, but I really hope you're making the most of your experince there. Besides, I'm sure the warmth of all EVO participants makes you feel closer.

I have some relatives in Venezuela (my sister-in-law, her husband and their daughter, Gabriela)so I'd really like to visit your home country some day.


Carla (from Argentina)

PS. I love the "page effect" in your slide show. Where did you get it from?
Hi Berta,

Very nice pictures and great slide, I have to learn how to do it soon. And I miss snow, it's been only rain and wind here in the UK...

You really like playing with images, effects, cubes, I also like the pictionary idea using flickr, I have never thought of it in this way!
Great job you've done, Berta.

I'll bookmark your blog to test those tools you're using.

Very cold in Toronto. I understand
your not going out so often.
What a bunch of great ideas! Thank you for your post to my site and also for sharing these great tips! I will be watching to see what new things you can teach me :) I've already tried the photocube. How neat!
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