Sabbatical blues

I have not posted anything on this blog in a long long long time. Many changes going on, the main one being that I will be in Toronto until July 2007 as a visiting professor at UofT during my sabbatical leave. At the moment I am participating in two graduate courses and two seminars, reading lots of material and sharing experiences with an amazingly interesting multicultural, multiracial and multilingual community. So what´s wrong with me? Why do I feel so blue ... ?
For one, I have abandoned Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting and Videos. I just follow some discussions in the Webhead Community where I lurk whene
ver I can. My most active cyberfriends have progressed tremendously as shown by their contributions to the group and the quality of their sites. I thank them for their continuous generous support and ever kind words of encouragement ... Uhhhh, I have a lot of catching up to do.
Recently I came across a blog by a fellow university
professor on sabbatical , mj, who described exactly the uneasiness I have had for the past month, a feeling of not doing enough. "There are good days and bad days, even on sabbatical" she says and her word of wisdom is "sabbaticals aren't that different, at base, from ordinary life ... there are the same number of productive and unproductive days as before". I hope too high expectations don´t make me lose track of my goals and end up spoiling a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Why do you feel so blue??! I'll tell you! You need to rumba! Stop all this business of podcasting, wikis and SLA for an hour or so. I'll give you a strategy to survive Toronto. Come to Trinity-St.Paul Church on Saturday January 27 home of the Toronto Salsa
with 10 ESL International Students and one crazy Canuck!

Muchas gracias, por su visita!
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