"A lot of women are happy to stay home and be housewives"

In our Argumentation Unit, my EFL/EST reading students had to select three topics out of five, agree or disagree with them and then state reasons to support their point of view. Not all students selected this particular topic but here are some of their responses.
Girls who agree said: Each woman has the right to decide what to do with her life and if staying at home makes her happy, so be it. There are women who don't need to work. Most social problems are family-related and women can take care of their children staying home. They can have a job they can do from home which benefits them while having more time to dedicate to themselves. They can avoid job-related stress by staying home. There are women who like to be home and if their husbands work, why not take advantage of that and simply manage their households? In spite of living in a society where women can work and manage themselves outside their homes, there are some who prefer to work at home.
Boys who agree said: Women who don't work can be happy at home. They like to be economically supported by their husbands. Women are better at housekeeping than men. If they are housewives, they can be their own boss. Women are happy because they can spend more time with their children. They are happy because many women don't like to work. They like to cook, iron, wash clothes and do household shores. They are happy because they can dedicate more time to themselves.
Girls who disagree said: As women, we study and prepare ourselves to work and serve our country, not to stay home. In the world of women, everything is not just home. In the last years, there have been more women who have gone out to look for a job. Women who don't stay home have the possibility to study and fulfill their objectives. If they stay home they lose direct contact with the social reality they are in. If they liked being home, when women liberation started they would not have gone to work but would have stayed at home. There are women who leave their children and husband because they lack the maternal instinct or the sense of home. There are women who are physically or verbally abused because they don't do what their husbands demand like having dinner on time, among other things; they are treated as servants.
Boys who disagree said: Women have massively joined the job market. There are fewer housewives each day. Technology allows women to do the same job in less time. Many women have to work nowadays.

it´s very interesting read the opinion of all the students... and more interesting it´s the difference of their thinking
I wonder whether women in Venezuela prefer to be housewives or to work?
Russian women prefer to work and be financially independent.

Dear Julia,
I wish our women would have a choice. But 80% of our population is poor and most women are single mothers so even if they wanted to be housewives and stay home, many do not even have a decent home to live in and have to work to feed their families. Unfortunately, that is our reality and it gets worse by the day.
Nice to read your student's comments on house working...
In my country,Iran,women were supposed to stay at home and be housewives! But nowadays women can choose between staying at home or work outside...
I think that it's a matter of choice...
Every one is supposed to decide for her own life.
Maybe a woman does like it to be a housewife and another does not!
She should decide herself...
I wrote about this matter on my blog. You may find it interesting :-)
I think most women face a dilemma at one point of their life when they start to think about having kinds. If you have prepared yourself and have studied and worked, you find yourself thinking that you will not have time to dedicate to your kids if you get out of work at 7 pm every day. So the question is: Should we keep working to give our kids a better life or should we spend more time with them to actually know what their life is like?. I find the answer to this dilemma in my mom’s example. My mom was always there for me, she took me to school, she enrolled me in numerous activities that I wanted to try out, she played with me, we cooked together and she tucked me to bed every night together with my father. Interestingly enough, as she did all of this she was also working part-time. So actually my mom is an example of the perfect “working-housewife”, she has achieved an outstanding professional development while also being my best friend, she really did pull it of successfully!. By the way my mom is Berta (this is her blog) and I want to be just like her when I have kids, since at the end of my life I am sure that spending more time with my kids will have been more fulfilling than spending most of my time at work. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOM!
I am speechless ... what an incredibly beautiful cybergift, Adri. Infinite hugs and kisses, Mom
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