What you see is not always what you get ...

This is the magnificent view I wake up to every morning. Rain or shine, the imposing and majestic Avila Mountain is always there, even if hidden behind dense clouds. In a city of five million people full of high-rise buildings, rush-hour traffic jams, permanent political conflict and surrounded by slums, it is a natural oasis where multicolor butterflies dance in the air, turpial birds are in tune with swinging bamboo clusters and large tall trees waltz to the cool breeze that embraces this natural giant.

El Avila is part of the northern coastal mountain range that separates the Caracas Valley from the seaside. It rises from the Caribbean Sea to 9,124 feet (2,765 meters). It is a national park that extends 45,000 km2 –an area around the size of Manhattan. Few cities of five million have a national park so close and pristine where you find dense vegetation and crystalline waterfalls and can momentarily leave noise and crowds behind, hike a variety of trails, breathe fresh air and enjoy nature while looking at the scenic view of a complex city of extreme socioeconomic contrasts.

Hi Berta,
so good to see you here -I'm happy that you found your way over here and started a workshop blog. Your pictures from Caracas are great!

yours, blogsister Sus
Berta--When I read your blog and look at your pictures I want to upload myself to El Avila! Thank you for such a glorious inspiration. Jane
I love your "spot in cyberspace" as much as your description of Caracas with its contrasts and natural wonders.
Good job!
(your friend from Argentina)
Dear Berta
Well done. You are really lucky to be able to enjoy such beautiful scenery every day. It must let you feel elated and inspired all the time. Maybe that's why you are so clear headed.
Kudos to you
Lucky you,Berta! You will live 100 years if you wake up every morning with this view!It is just beautiful!.Hala.Sudan.It is me,yes!(in a hurry to remember my user name and password)
Dear Berta,

Wonderful description of idyllic Caracas. If it weren't for its natural sceneries it would be impossible to survive in the social and political chaos of the city/country.


Dear all, thanks for your comments on the inspiring view. It took me hours to write those two paragraphs. I changed words around a million times because I wanted to express how I feel about The Avila Mountain and its beauty.
But as Dafne says, it is one of the few things we can enjoy these days in a city full of physical and verbal violence where a sense of helplessness and apathy grow each day.

You've convinced me! I'm going to have to visit Caracas soon.

It looks prettier than Toronto. Is your daughter still enjoying Canada?

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Lovely start, Berta! :-D
And what an optimistic name, GREAT attitude!
If I had a view like that every morning, my blog would never grow... I'd spend most of my time looking out through the window :-P!
Gladys (back from her holidays)

PS: just a suggestion - you may want to activate word verification or comment moderation for comments here. I used to have my settings like yours, and I got spammed once and again!
Dear Berta,
What a beautiful place you live in!
I like your description of Caracas and your beautiful pictures.
Your blog title is very nice, too.
Hi Berta, I love your blog! Imagine waking up every morning to such a glorious view....
Dear Berta,
I feel like Sharon: I'd love to visit Caracas and the great friends I have there. I believe that the beauty of a city is highly enhanced when we have close friends there. :-)
Keep up the great work!
What a great blog. I loved the photos and the template you chose.

What a contrast to Brasilia! We live on a plateau. No mountains around! It is certainly an inspiring place!

Carla ARena
Hi Berta,

It's great that we share the love for El Avila, for me it is really a magical place and a source of inspiration. I have a nice collection of photos too.
Hi Berta,
I would like to wake up every morning with such a view.El Avila !!!
Great.By the way,I live in a very small village in the middle of Pampa Humeda Region in Argentina.

Berta, you pictures are beautiful. :-)

Berta - so good to see how much nature can give us.... My husband and I feel the same way about our much smaller Badacsony mountain that appears in several photos in my blog. We travel there only every second weekend in the summer and it fills us up.
Did your Hungarian colleague work in Caracas? I am ready to tell you about my country :) Are you interested in Budapest?
Dear Berta,
I agree to all of you who have praised the photos! Breathtaking! I am not yet sure if I would like to live exactly surrounded by mountains, but visiting them is always a treat for the soul :)

Hi Bertha. Your country must a nice place to live. I envy you.
Unfortunately not, dear Jati. Everything seems nice from a distance but populism has created more and more poverty, very low confidence from multinational companies which have left the country so there is a high number of unemployed and rising crime. Sorry to disappoint you but Venezuela is not a good place to live in or visit anymore. Tourists do come, though, and take a risk.
Still hanging here and thanking you for visiting my site,
First, Hello everybody.
Miss Berta (my teacher) is one of your students of ID-1112 at Universidad Simón Bolívar.
Well done, this work is very interesting and i agree to open a debate around the problems of Venezuela. See you teacher.

P.D: excuse me, my english is not good.
Buenos Dias a todos...

Ante todo un cordial saludo a todos aquellos admiradores de la belleza natural venezonala. Realmente nuestro país brinda una excepcional experiencia a todos aquellos foraneos y hasta los mismos residentes que querramos un contacto mucho mas cercano con la paz y la tranquilidad natural. Una admirable acción la que lleva a cabo usted, querida profesora Bertha. No he tenido el agrado de explorar el paraiso que guarda nuestro país. Algun día lo visitaré... A pesar de que la inseguridad sea una materia muy delicada en nuestro país y lamentablemente eso aqueje contra todos nosotros, hasta con nuestro turismo, no debemos olvidar que Venezuela es hermosa... Gracias por apoyar la belleza natural, profesora. Exitos para usted, y optimismo... Todo mejorará...

P.D. I'm sorry if I wrote this words in Spanish, but this way is the only one that I know to express my idea... Thnks a lot for all...
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