Weather and clothing in Venezuela

In spite of having almost the same weather conditions all year round, there are certain peculiarities about the way we dress. Listen to my audiomessage to find out about it.
When my husband and I were doing our graduate work in Boston, many professors and classmates wore shorts and sandals during the summer and s
ome even took their shoes off in class (in the streets, in parks, on buses). For us it was a complete cultural shock!!!
If you look closely at these two photos of youngters taken near the beach, most are wearing blue jeans or long pants even if it is probably a quite hot day. Is there an implicit dress code in your country too? Do you have to wear special clothes depending on the season or do you wear something similar and just add layers on top? I´d love to know.

Berta, I really like your audio message! Especially the topic you chose! You made me think about our habits... hm... I guess Slovenians are closer to you than Bostonians, but I'm not 100% sure... I'll have to meditate on topic a bit longer:)
I really like your voice too and the pace of your delivering is just right. Well done.
Berta--It's good to know about the cultural differences regarding shoes because I take my shoes off whenever I can. My feet hate to be shod. I try to teach them to be culturally sensitive, but they just go and kick the shoes off whenever they get a chance. I try not to feel defeated (sorry, I couldn't resist that last line!)
Hi Berta,

The students in Boston are still wearing shorts and sandals...even in the winter!

We're expecting snow this afternoon, but yesterday I had three students in class in flip flops. BTW, I was wearing a heavy turtle neck sweater :-)

Start gathering up your warm clothes for winter au Canada next year.

Warmly from a "coldly" Boston ;-)

Hi Bertha,it is good blog. Very impressive. Mine is just so simple. Next time I'll share with you our climate and people.
Hi Berta,

In Russia we also have a certain dress code. People will never occur at work dressed in shorts or smth. like that, only in smth. businesslike. Besides we have 4 different seasons: veeery cold winter (varies from -5°C in the south part of the country up to -40°C in the north-easten part), warm spring, very hot summer (up to 35°C in the south)and cool, rainy autumn. So as you can guess
people dress differently according to the season.
Hello Berta,
First of all, I would like to thank you for your comment, what you said was very nice! =]
Please, could you tell me, what languages you wouldn't learn?!


Hello Berta
Your blog was interesting, now I know some of your habits, I live in Iran, in my country every season has its own weather, of course some parts like Booshehr are almost hot and people weare t-shirt during days, even in the first days of spring that weather is still cold. I think every country has its own culture.
Dear Sofi,
Thanks for stopping by. I could not send you a message directly to your e-mail and that is why I am doing it here (I already sent one to Marytiny in Iran).
I would love to know about the dress code in your country, if any, and if people go wild when summer starts.
I am presently very worried since I would go to Toronto for several months and I fear the cold freezing weather and dark days without much sunlight, but I also think it will be a wonderful experience for a Venezuelan from the tropics.

Warm regards,
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