... sunny almost all year round

No big surprises. But when there are, they are terrible indeed like the mudslides in December 1999 from which we have not totally recovered. It is commonly thought that Venezuela has an overall hot climate because of its relatively closeness to the equator. However, its climate varies considerably and temperature depends on altitude above sea level. The tropical heat at low lands gives way to cooler are as at higher altitudes, and seasonal degree variations at sea level are replaced by year-round constant averages in the higher parts of the mountains. Caracas, at an altitude a little over 3,000 feet, has an average of 22° C (74° F), being comfortably cool throughout the year, warm in July and a little chilly on January mornings. There are only two seasons in the country: the rainy season from mid-May to October (Winter) and the dry season, but showers may fall any moment. See today´s weather. (Photo: View from The Avila to the Caribbean Sea)

Berta--Love your pictures and your double Frappr banner. Where are the pictures from in the second banner--another EVO? Jane
Hi Jane,
They are from the BaW session. Thanks for visiting, Berta
Hi Color Twin!
I like your blog! The Frappr banner is very impressive! I linked here from Kat's blog, and hers was on the banner as I opened yours.

I hope you are safe and secure in Caracas--I am told people use multiple locks to keep their homes secure. Is it true?

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