One hundred dollar computer

This computer has been designed by MIT Media lab with the purpose of offering it to children in underdeveloped countries in the non-profit project "One laptop per child" so that they can learn on their own. It will not be available to regular consumers.

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Wonderful treasures ... Joe Dale´s blog

There are many resources discussed in this blog by Joe Dale and I will include this one here for Keepvid a website which allows you to download videos directly from such sites as YouTube and Google Video and play them offline through a dedicated player, avoiding the chance students encounter inappropriate material. He explains its use step by step. These entries are for using Skype, photostory and podcasting, text to speech in language classes. Go visit ( Images from Joe´s blog)



Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

This is a Youtube video I have ran into a few times in the last week. So here it is to enjoy



Siemens presentation on Feb. 15th

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